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Transformative Engineering OB-1 Omni-Balun           

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Transformative Engineering's Omni-Balun Audio/Video Extender Delivers Analog Video, Analog & Digital Stereo, and IR Connections out to 300 Feet.

NORWOOD, MA (8/3/11) -- Transformative Engineering, a new company devoted to improving the audio/video interface for custom installers and systems integrators, has introduced its OB-1 Omni-Balun video, audio, and IR cable extender.  Each OB-1 has connections for component- or composite-video, digital or analog stereo, and IR remote signals with a range of up to 300 feet while maintaining 1080i video resolution. 

The Transformative Engineering (T-E) OB-1 uses inexpensive CAT5e/CAT6 networking cable to span the distances between two remotely located OB-1 devices. Each OB-1 Omni-Balun has multiple internal baluns (balanced-to-unbalanced transformers), connections for component video, composite video, analog stereo audio, coaxial digital stereo audio, two RJ-45 network connectors, and two IR pass-through connections with a removable connector.

For custom installers, the T-E Omni-Balun is a real money- and inventory-saver by replacing the need to stock several different baluns for different purposes. Like all T-E products, the Omni-Balun uses proprietary, high- quality conversion transformers, connectors, computer-grade multi-layer circuit boards, and shielded extruded aluminum enclosures.

The Transformative Engineering Omni-Balun circuit extender is currently available from T-E dealers, rep distributors, and directly from the company.  End user pricing is determined by the Dealer/Installer.  Visit www.transformativeengineering.com for more information.

Transformative Engineering (T-E) designs and manufactures audio, video, and data communications devices and related components that are used by custom installers and systems integrators to create sophisticated home and commercial systems. These products are the result of its founders' decisions to rethink the design and purpose of certain common-use custom installation and systems integration devices that were underperforming because of substandard quality. The company has grown out of the collaboration and enthusiasm of three veterans of the Electronics Industry: Jay Trieber, President; Peter Tribeman, VP of Marketing; and Engne Tang, Chief Technology Officer. Each of these three founders felt there was a “better mousetrap” to be made, and the results would be enthusiastically received by the Installer community.  Their continuing experience with custom installation in their primary companies will infuse this new company with the insight to create the right products for dealers and installers.

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