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 Parasound's New 12-Channel Custom Installation Amplifier rated at 2 x 120W plus 10 x 60W




Parasound ZoneMaster ZM 12


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SAN FRANCISCO (6/4/20) — Parasound has introduced a 12-channel, 2-ohm stable power amplifier for commercial and residential audio systems installers with flexible power options for stereo audio in six rooms (zones), and up to 24 individual speakers. Uniquely, the Parasound ZoneMaster™ ZM 12 drives two channels at 120 watts each, 8 ohms, with the remaining 10 channels at 60 watts each. With 4-ohm speakers typical of architectural audio, the ratings are 150 and 100 watts respectively. There are also A and B speaker outputs for each channel. With this upgraded performance and features, the ZM 12 represents a significant advance over its 12 x 50W predecessor, the ZM 1250.

"Providing higher power for two of the 12 channels seems obvious now that we've done it," said Parasound president, Richard Schram. "Nearly all installations have a zone which can sing nicely with higher power – either a large rec room, outdoor speakers, or a room for serious stereo listening."

"Years ago," Schram continued, "we saw that multi-channel amplifiers had become commodities, with minimal power supplies, stressed sound, poor connectivity, and frequently reliability issues. We entered this market to fill a gaping void. We applied our experience in building great sounding and reliable amplifiers that will pound out the music day after day, year after year without fail. This last point is critical for professional installers. The first time you have to replace an unreliable amplifier you lose your profits; the second time you lose your credibility."

The most significant ZM 12 improvement is the higher-power Zone 1 (channels 1 & 2) with a massive upgrade to 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 150 watts per channel into 4 ohms or 2 ohms. Each zone incudes a Parasound-designed premium Class AB stereo input stage driving six new, highly-regarded Danish ICEpower stereo amplifier modules that are 2-ohm stable.

Each channel has an individual line-level input jack, level control, and two detachable Phoenix-connector speaker outputs. Each zone can connect to one of two line-level buses or to a speaker-level input bus. Buffered loop outputs facilitate daisy-chaining amplifiers. We’ve endowed the ZM 12 with an exclusive suite of turn on options. Global (all zones) auto turn on with a switch to select either a single 12VDC trigger input jack or Audio sensing. For individual zones auto turn on the ZM 12 has six switches and six 12VDC input jacks so each zone can be turned on by 12V DC or audio sensing.  You can control some zones by audio sensing and other channels by 12VDC. In addition to convenience this totally eliminates bleed-through between zones.

The ZM 12 has a black finish. It is designed for rack mounting and sturdy die-cast mounting brackets are included at no extra charge.

The Parasound ZoneMaster™ ZM 12 is currently available with a suggested US retail price of $2,495.

About Parasound: Founded in 1981, Parasound Products, Inc., is a privately-owned U.S. company that specializes in providing affordable audio components to the critical listener. The company's ever-improving line of audio products has garnered a reputation for performance, value, and reliability. The highest quality standards are assured by Parasound's relationships with their Taiwan audio manufacturers that date back to 1982.

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