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Parasound Introduces a More-Affordable Preamplifier and DAC in its NewClassic Line

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SAN FRANCISCO (12/19/18) — Parasound has introduced its NewClassic 200 Pre, a moderately priced analog audio preamplifier and DAC with outstanding sound quality, excellent connectivity, and versatility. Like all NewClassic products, the model 200 Pre represents a new generation of affordable, high performance audio products from Parasound. At the heart of the 200 Pre is a versatile analog signal path which includes analog bass management with high pass and low pass outputs.

The 200 Pre has inputs for just about any source including phono MM/MC, two line inputs, theater bypass for L, R and two subs, digital USB, Coax and Optical and a front panel Aux line level input with an automatic 12 dB gain increase to improve sound quality for portable devices.

Our Halo P 5 preamplifier was renowned for its home theater bypass and crossover functions plus its great sounding DAC. The 200 Pre home theater bypass and DAC are virtually identical with an adjustable 20-140 Hz high-pass crossover for the L and R outputs, and it uses the same highly-regarded Burr-Brown DAC.

Convenience and custom installation features include turn-on volume preset, a favorite volume setting, a bi-directional RS232 serial port, rear panel IR input and 12V trigger output. Input offset (level matching) ensures that all sources play at the same level, regardless of their output levels. The dimmable front panel LCD display facilitates assigning input names for every source input. The back-lit remote control includes adjustments for L-R balance, bass and treble adjustment, subwoofer on-off and even subwoofer level. With their well-engineered design, Parasound has accommodated an unprecedented feature set with high quality into a compact, sleek one rack-space chassis .

The Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre is available now with an MSRP of $895.

About Parasound: Founded in 1981, Parasound Products, Inc., is a privately-owned U.S. company that specializes in providing affordable audio components to the critical listener. The company's ever-improving line of audio products has garnered a reputation for performance, value, and reliability. The highest quality standards are assured by Parasound's relationships with their Taiwan audio manufacturers that date back to 1982.

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