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Parasound Introduces a New, More-Affordable Halo Phono Stage Preamplifier

The Parasound Halo JC 3 Jr. (aka 'Junior') reflects the company's latest collaboration with the legendary Vendetta designer, John Curl, and circuit-board wizard, Carl Thompson.


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SAN FRANCISCO (9/28/17) — Parasound has introduced a more-affordable John Curl-designed phono preamplifier for a new generation of analog LP and turntable enthusiasts. The new Parasound Halo JC 3 Jr. stereo phono preamplifier is about half the price of the company's $2,995 premium dual-mono Halo JC 3+, which is widely acknowledged as one of the world's best phono stage preamplifiers.

"The JC 3 Junior grew out of our recognition that the price tag on the Halo JC 3+ can be an impediment to first-time-vinyl millennials and seasoned audio enthusiasts alike," said Richard Schram, Parasound's President and founder. "So, we decided to put it on a diet."

The resulting Parasound Halo JC 3 Jr. is a high-performance, low-noise stereo phono preamplifier for use with moving magnet and moving coil (MM and MC) phono cartridges. The precision gain circuits feature independent control of gain and load impedance for an optimal interface even with extremely low-output moving coil cartridges.

The Parasound Halo JC 3 Jr. incorporates sophisticated new audio circuits created by John Curl and circuit boards layouts by Carl Thompson, Curl's circuit board design partner. While the JC 3 Jr. circuits are stereo rather than the dual mono topology of the JC 3+, they are no less elegant or sophisticated. Schram contends that "nobody can design ground planes better than Thompson," and this is evident in the JC 3 Jr. outstanding signal-to-noise ratio and utter absence of background noise.

The JC 3+ "DNA" is apparent in the JC 3+ circuit topology, which shares many of the same component parts, including Neutrik locking XLR jacks and Vampire 24k gold-plated RCA jacks. Its toroid power transformer capacity is nearly as great as the JC 3+ and its RIAA EQ employs the same REL capacitors and other passive parts used in Curl's legendary Vendetta phono preamp.

To help achieve our price goal for the JC 3 Jr., Parasound has created an all-new, lower profile Halo chassis that is just one rack-space tall. A substantial aluminum partition isolates the phono stage board from the power supply, power transformer and internal AC wiring. The power transformer is encased in a steel enclosure to prevent emissions that could contaminate ultra-sensitive audio circuits. Convenience features include stereo-mono select as well as auto turn on with a 12V trigger.

The Parasound Halo JC 3 Jr. will be available in black or silver finish in mid October with a suggested retail price of $1,495.

For more information on Parasound products, visit http://www.parasound.com.

About Parasound
Founded in 1981, Parasound Products, Inc., is a privately owned U.S. company that specializes in providing affordable audio components to the critical listener. The company's ever-improving line of audio products has garnered a reputation for performance, value, and reliability, with quality control and customer service that is second to none.

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Parasound Halo JC 3 Jr. Product Features

  • Circuit topology designed by legendary John Curl
  • S/N up to 94 dB and THD less than 0.02%
  • Vampire brand 24k gold-plated RCA jacks
  • Neutrik locking balanced XLR outputs connectors
  • Cartridge options for 47 kohm MM and MC
  • Variable MC impedance adjustment of 50-550 ohms
  • Mono switch improves sound of mono & older LPs
  • Gain select for 40 dB, 50 dB, 60 dB unbalanced,
    or 46 dB, 56 dB, 66 dB balanced
  • Circuit boards designed by Carl Thompson
  • Convenient auto turn-on by 12V trigger
  • RIAA accurate to within 0.2 dB
  • Vishay-Dale resistors in the audio path
  • Incredible S/N ratio achieved with aluminum shield to isolate audio circuitry from power supply board and additional shielding of the toroid power transformer
  • High speed-soft recovery bridge rectifiers and common mode inductor for purest sound


Parasound Halo JC 3 Jr. Specifications

  • Frequency Response:
    20-20,000 Hz, +/- 0.2dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
    < 0.02% at 1 kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio, 40 dB Setting
    >85dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted
    >80dB, input shorted, unweighted
  • Signal to Noise Ratio, 50 dB Setting
    >89dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted
    >84dB, input shorted, unweighted
  • Signal to Noise Ratio, 50 dB Setting
    >94dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted
    >91dB, input shorted unweighted
  • Inter-channel Crosstalk
    80 dB at 1 kHz
  • Input Impedance
    MM or MC: 47k ohms
    MC Variable: 50- 550 ohms variable
  • Output Impedance
    Unbalanced: <100 ohms
    Balanced: <100 ohms
    per leg
  • Input Sensitivity at 1 kHz, 4mV Input
    40 dB: 4 mV for 450mV output
    50 dB: 4 mV for 1.4 Volts output
    60 dB: 4 mV for 4.25 Volts output
  • Input Sensitivity at 1 kHz, 1V Output
    40 dB: 9 mV for 1.0 Volt output
    50 dB: 3 mV for 1.0 Volt output
    60 dB: 0.9 mV for 1.0 Volt output
  • Total Gain
    40 dB, 50 dB, 60 dB (unbalanced output)
    46 dB, 56 dB, 66 dB (balanced output)
  • XLR Pin Identification
    1 = Ground (Shield)
    2 = Positive
    3 = Negative (Return)
  • AC Power Requirement
    Standby: <1 watt
    Power On: 9 watts
    VAC or 230 VAC 50 - 60 Hz
    (Selected on rear panel)
  • Dimensions
    Width: 17-1/4" (437mm)
    Depth: 14-3/4" (375mm)
    Depth with cable: 17" (432mm)
    Height: 2-1/2" (63.5mm)
    Height, without feet: 1-3/4" (45mm)
  • Weight
    Net: 13 lbs. (5.9 Kg)
    Shipping: 19
    lbs. (8.6 kg)
  • Suggested Retail Price: $1,495

    Specifications and features subject to change
    or improvement without notice.








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