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Parasound Debuts Halo Series 125-Watt Stereo Amplifier

The Halo by Parasound A 23 Power Amplifier


San Francisco (4/22/02) --- With its attractive silver front panel, premium internal circuitry, rear-panel balanced XLR connections, and Lucasfilm THX Ultra2 certification, the new Halo by Parasound A 23 stereo power amplifier represents a significant step up from its highly regarded – and still available – “Classic” Parasound HCA–1000A.

The Halo A 23 power amplifier is FTC rated at 125 Watts RMS per channel from 20 Hz -20 kHz into an 8-ohm load with both channels driven; 200 Watts into 4 ohms; and it can be bridged to 400 Watts mono. All this power is provided by 12 beta-matched 15-amp, 60 MHz bipolar transistors that can handle 45 amps peak current per channel. The heavy-duty power supply uses a massive 785 VA toroidal transformer with independent secondary windings for each channel, and 20,000 µF capacitance per channel for energy to spare. The transformer windings are fully encapsulated in epoxy and a heavy-duty steel case to eliminate the possibility of transformer hum, and large extruded aluminum heat sinks avoid the need for a noisy cooling fan.

With fully differential balanced inputs using professional XLR connectors, the A 23 has exceptionally low noise and distortion levels, and there are no capacitors or inductors in signal path. The pure Class A discrete component matched J-FET input stage, and MOSFET driver stage, give the A 23 with a warm tube-like sound, and the double-sided FR4 circuit board provides a superior ground plane to reduce noise.

There are rear-panel XLR and RCA inputs, RCA loop outputs, robust 24 kt gold-plated five-way binding posts, and a DC trigger input and loop output connection. Other features include auto turn-on by audio signal with adjustable sensitivity, and a ground-lift switch to eliminate the hum that is often a problem in rack-mount installations. The A 23 fits in a 2u rack space, has relay protection circuits, a thermal overload indicator, is switchable 115/230v AC, and has an illuminated power button and logo badge.

The Halo by Parasound A 23 is now available with a suggested retail price of $850.

Parasound introduced the Halo brand in 2002 as a performance- and design-conscious step-up from the company’s Parasound Classic product line. Founded in 1981, Parasound Products, Inc., is a privately owned U.S. company that specializes in providing affordable audio and home theater components to the critical listener.

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Halo by Parasound A 23 Power Amplifier






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