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Outlaw Ships 'Last Great Stereo Receiver'


Outlaw Audio RR 215 "Retro Receiver." Additional Photos at the end of this release.
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Outlaw Audio, the leading internet-only audio electronics manufacturer, has introduced the RR 2150 "Retro Receiver," a high quality 100 watt-per-channel stereo receiver, combining the best in analog audio performance with accommodations for modern speaker systems and sources. The Model RR 2150 delivers all the performance of the finest two-channel analog receivers in analog's "heyday" but makes allowance for the subwoofer/satellite speaker systems that have become popular in recent years.

"The RR 2150 has been a real labor of love for the Outlaws," said a spokesman. "Together, the team working on this has nearly a century of product development between them and over two hundred two-channel products under their belt. All agree that this is the product they always wish they'd made."

The advent of home theater in the past decade has changed the face of home entertainment in many ways, but many enthusiasts still want high quality stereo reproduction. The RR 2150 is the first and only stereo receiver available that includes built-in analog bass management for use with modern subwoofer/satellite speaker systems, with a selectable crossover point of 60, 80, or 100 Hz. The 12 dB/octave high and low pass filter sections can also be bypassed for the ultimate in signal purity with full range speakers.

The RR 2150 includes three line-level analog stereo inputs, tape loop output, and a phono input which includes a high quality preamplifier section that is selectable for either moving magnet (MM) or moving coil (MC) turntable cartridges. There is an external processor loop, as well pre-out and main in connections to allow the RR 2150 to function with a variety of external processors and amplifiers. Additionally, the receiver includes a USB input to allow the unit to access music files stored on a home PC, and a front panel mini-jack input to accommodate portable music devices such as an iPod.

The Outlaw Audio RR 2150 is well-pedigreed as a high quality analog audio component, delivering 100 Watts of continuous power into 8 Ohms (20 Hz – 20 kHz, <.03% THD, both channels driven,) and 160 Watts into 4 Ohms. It includes substantial capacitance reserves to handle even the most demanding musical transients. The preamplifier section boasts a 96dB signal-to-noise ratio and an input sensitivity/impedance of 200 mV/ 47 kOhms for the line-level inputs. The RR2150 includes a high quality AM/FM tuner section. There are defeatable tone controls, a front panel headphone jack with independent level control, and A/B speaker connections.

The Outlaw Audio Model RR 2150 Retro Receiver is now available for $649, exclusively at It is not sold in stores.

Privately owned Outlaw Audio designs their own line of high-performance, high-value consumer electronics products and markets them exclusively via the Internet from their website. The recipient of numerous major awards and "Recommended Component" ratings from major publications, Outlaw's products are widely regarded by audiophiles around the world.

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Outlaw Audio RR 2150 Retro Receiver Specifications

Audio Section
  • Continuous Average Power:
    100 watts per channel, 20 Hz - 20kHz,<0.03% THD, both channels driven into 8 ohms
    160 watts per channel, 20 Hz - 20kHz,<0.03% THD, both channels driven into 4 ohms
  • Input Sensitivity/Impedance:
    High Level: 200mV/47kohms
    MM Phono: 3.3mV/47kohms
    MC Phono: 0.6mV/47kohms
  • S/N Ratio: 96dB
  • Bass Management:
    Adjustable 60/80/100/Bypass
    High-Pass Slope 12 dB/octave (2nd order)
    Low-Pass Slope 12 dB/octave (2nd order)
  • Tone Control:
    Bass Center Frequency/Range 50Hz ± 6.5dB
    Treble Center Frequency/Range 1KHz ± 6.5db

FM Tuner Section

  • Frequency Range: 87.5-108MHz
  • Usable Sensitivity IHF: 12dBf
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
    Mono/Stereo 75/70dB
  • Stereo Distortion: 0.24%
  • Stereo Separation: 37dB @ 19kHz
  • Selectivity: +/-10kHz, 70dB

AM Tuner Section

  • Frequency Range: 530-1710kHz
  • Usable Sensitivity: 500uV/M
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >54dB
  • Selectivity: +/-10kHz >25dB


  • Supply Voltage 120V, 60Hz only
  • Power Consumption:
    5W Idle
    400W maximum, both channels driven
  • Dimensions:
    (HxWxD) 5.75 x 17.1 x 15 in.
    Weight 27 lbs




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