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Outlaw Audio Takes Aim at the On-line Home Theater Business

Internet start-up firm created to sell its own home theater products exclusively on the web.

Outlaw Audio, Inc., the first audio/video electronics manufacturer to use the internet to bypass traditional sales and distribution channels, announced today the start of sales operations at Outlaw Audio is the first company to design, manufacture and sell products using a brand name specifically created for internet sales.

"The internet allows us to reach home theater enthusiasts directly," said Thomas E. Young, Outlaw's president. "The ability to bypass the costs of selling through standard 'brick and mortar' retailers allows us to deliver a superior product for a substantially lower price than anyone else."

While other on-line businesses do offer audio/video products, they simply resell the same national brands that are available through standard retail stores, and thus are subject to the same multiple layers of margin. By comparison, Outlaw Audio designs and manufactures its own products to be sold exclusively on the internet. "The economics of this approach are simple," explained Young. "Using the internet to offer consumers our own branded product results in A/V components that are priced approximately 40% less than comparable products, with no sacrifice in features or performance. These savings create nothing less than an entirely new pricing environment for home theater products."

Outlaw Audio's first product is the Model 750, a five-channel, 165-watt power amplifier that sells for just $1099. Developed by one of the country's leading design engineers, and produced in the US, the Outlaw 750 represents a remarkable value. "Similar amplifiers in this quality range, that are offered through retail stores, mail order companies or conventional web sites, sell for $1,700 to $2,000," explained Young. The Model 750 amplifier will be followed by additional Outlaw Audio products in the next several months, including a state-of-the-art preamp/tuner surround processor. Every product offered by Outlaw Audio will represent the same outstanding value as the Model 750.

In addition to having a distinct product and marketing philosophy, Outlaw Audio has a similarly unique brand name. When asked about the origins of Outlaw Audio's brand identify, Young responded: "An outlaw is commonly thought of as someone who refuses to accept the established rules; basically, a non-conformist. We feel that this definition describes our new company rather well, so we unanimously adopted Outlaw as our name. Similar to other ground-breaking 'non-conformist' companies such as Dell and Gateway, we are re-tooling the way that traditional commerce is practiced, and this is reflected in the name that we've chosen."

Outlaw Audio's web site is specifically designed to inform and educate consumers. Extensive product information, downloadable brochures, technical white papers and even the owner's manuals will be available to consumers. In addition to toll-free telephone support, customer support is also available on the Outlaw web site, providing fast answers to questions, and allowing consumers to feed back their ideas and comments directly to the Outlaw design team.

Outlaw Audio is a privately held, US based company that specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of its own brand of high quality audio/video products exclusively via the internet.

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