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For release 9/6/11 in conjunction with CEDIA Expo

Atlantic Technology's H-PAS™ PowerBar 235 is the First Soundbar that Doesn't Need a Subwoofer

Powerbar 235

The Atlantic Technology H-PAS PowerBar 235 has remarkable bass response for its size. It can be wall mounted as shown above or inverted for tabletop mounting. The control panel display can be electronically rotated for correct display in either configuration, and alternate display labels are provided for both orientations.

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INDIANAPOLIS (9/6/2011) -- Atlantic Technology will demonstrate a revolutionary sound bar loudspeaker at CEDIA Expo that uses the company's patented H-PAS™ bass technology to eliminate the need for this type of speaker to include a companion subwoofer. The Atlantic Technology H-PAS PowerBar 235 is a two-channel powered sound bar with digital surround processing, all contained in a single 42- x 5¼- x 5¾-inch cabinet with rich bass response down to 47 Hz at -3dB.

The Atlantic Technology H-PAS PowerBar 235 can be wall mounted beneath a video display or inverted for shelf mounting. To accommodate these different modes, the control panel display can be electronically rotated for correct view in either configuration. Alternate display labels are also provided for both orientations.

Atlantic Technology's H-PAS technology, which has been shown by the company's AT-1 speaker to deliver deep, rich, low-distortion bass from cabinet sizes far smaller than previously considered possible, is now showing its potential in a much smaller systems. The AT-1 floor-standing speaker is now available at retail, a smaller AT-2 bookshelf speaker will ship this Fall, and the H-PAS PowerBar 235 is expected to follow before the end of the year. Atlantic Technology is also in the process of licensing H-PAS technology to a range of loudspeaker and consumer electronics manufacturers.

"The H-PAS PowerBar 235 is the first sound bar where the subwoofer is truly optional," said Atlantic Technology's president, Peter Tribeman. "The high levels of exceptionally clean bass emanating from such a small cabinet are almost disconcerting until you get used to it. With its built-in digital amp and DSP surround processor, it sounds great as a stereo or theater system in a bedroom, dorm or small apartment."

H-PAS technology is the result of a collaborative effort between Atlantic Technology and Phil Clements of Solus/Clements Loudspeakers, who first recognized that there were ways to beat the old "Iron Law" of acoustics, which for over 50 years has established a fixed relationship between the cabinet size and bass response of loudspeakers. Working jointly with Clements, an engineering team at Atlantic was able to mathematically model Clements' discoveries and make it possible to apply H-PAS design parameters to a wide range of speaker designs.

The characteristic performance of H-PAS allows exceptionally deep bass response with very low distortion relative to speaker size. The H-PAS-enabled low frequency reproduction is notable for its power, clarity and impact, with none of the often muddy, indistinct mid- and lower-bass anomalies that characterize many other designs.

From its inception in 1989, Atlantic Technology's mission has been to produce home entertainment products that exemplify the very best in both performance and value. The company specializes in complete high-performance multi-channel speaker systems, state-of-the-art home theater electronics components, and products for custom audio/video installation. For more information on Atlantic Technology and its many fine products for home theater and custom audio/video installation, visit www.atlantictechnology.com or call 781-762-6300.

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Powerbar 235 Powerbar 235

PowerBar 235 inverted (left) and optional SB-900 subwoofer (right)





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