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Welcome to the GSPR Press Room.

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Latest Headlines -- Updated 3/2/15

Parasound Introduces New Halo Integrated Amplifier and DAC

Atlantic Technology In-ceiling Speakers Ideal for All Object-Based Theater Sound Technologies

Parasound is now shipping its ZoneMaster 1250 12x50 / 6x200 Universal Power Amplifier

Parasound Ships New Zdac V.2 DAC and Headphone Amp to Dealers

Parasound Debuts Game-Changing 12-Channel Power Amp

Atlantic Technology Introduces Revolutionary 44-DA Speaker Module for New Dolby Atmos®

Transformative Engineering Introduces HDS-12i 1x2 HDMI Splitter

Transformative Engineering Debuts HLE-1 Lite HDMI Extender

Transformative Engineering Names Jon Ralston as Director of Sales

HydraConnect LLC Now Shipping its Revolutionary 16x16 HDMI Matrix Switch With Integrated DSP Audio Down-Mixing

Atlantic Technology Lowers Price, Adds Bluetooth Adapter to Subwoofer-Optional H-PAS™ PowerBar 235

Parasound debuts Halo JC 3+ phono preamp, an improved JC 3 by legendary Vendetta designer, John Curl.

HydraConnect LLC Debuts 5 new Models plus Unique Dolby Digital Processing at CEDIA Expo
     •   Now Shipping HS-8x4BT 8x4 Matrix Switch with HTBaseT
     •   Press Release on forthcoming HM-16x16BT with Dolby Digital

HydraConnect LLC Ships its Third-Generation of HDBaseT Extenders

Parasound Introduces the Halo P 5, a 2.1-channel audio preamplifier with DAC, MM/MC phono, home theater bypass

HydraConnect LLC Debuts New Variant of its Flagship Intelligent HDMI Matrix Processor

Parasound Debuts Zamp Quattro -- 9-1/2" wide, Installer-friendly, two-zone, 4x50W amplifier

HydraConnect LLC adds 5-Year Warranty for US-made products, a 30-day MBG, and drivers for Savant, Bitwise Controls, and Elan g!.

HydraConnect LLC Applies Dynamic EDID to Resolve HDMI Stereo/Multichannel Issues

HydraConnect LLC Adds RTI Home Automation Interface to its HDMI Matrix Processors

HydraConnect LLC Issued Patent for its CEC Control technology

Parasound teams with Holm Acoustics to deliver a radically new CD player

HydraConnect LLC has opened a dealer-only web store to facilitate purchases 24/7.

Outlaw Audio Debuts Model 975 Home Theater Surround Processor with High Performance, Affordable Price

HydraConnect LLC adds HDMI matrix software to interface with Crestron® home automation systems.

HydraConnect LLC Introduces iRule Home Automation Support for its Matrix Processors

Parasound Introduces Zdac, a Digital to Analog Converter with new DAC technology.

HydraConnect LLC has introduced support for the Control4® Simple Device Discover Protocol (SDDP).

HydraConnect LLC Anounces Price Cuts for HSS-2 and HSS-3 Matrix Processors.

Atlantic Technology is now shipping its H-PAS™ PowerBar 235, a full-range sound bar that requires no external subwoofer.

Parasound's flagship HALO product line will now be offered in a black finish in addition to titanium-silver.

CEDIA News Atlantic Technology Brings Back Old Favorites at Retro Pricing

CEDIA News HydraConnect LLC debuts HSS-3 Matrix Processor for Control4, plus HSS-2/-3 system drivers for Crestron, iRule, and RTI.

HydraConnect LLC introduces patent-pending Dynamic 2D/3D display management technology for mixed 2D/3D source/display environments.

HydraConnect LLC has introduced its HSS-2 HDMI Matrix Processor for seamless HDMI integration with Control4 environments.

HydraConnect picks GSPR to handle media relations for custom installation channel

Atlantic Technology demonstrates amazing H-PAS bass technology with soundbar and bookshelf speakers at CEA Line Show in NYC

Atlantic Technology has introduced five new stealthy ceiling mounted loudspeakers for home theater and whole house distributed audio.

Atlantic Technology Expands Wireless Offerings with a Stereo Transmitter and Receiver/Amplifier to Drive Remote Speakers

Parasound Delivers Zcd Compact Disc Player with high-performance CD sound, MP3, USB, and preamp features to half-rack-width Z Custom line.

Atlantic Technology Debuts Down-firing Subwoofer Designed for Performance and Flexible Placement

Atlantic Technology to License H-PAS® Bass Technology to SpeakerCraft

Parasound Introduces its Halo A 31 250-Watt Three-channel Home Theater Power Amplifier News for CES 2012

Atlantic Technology is now shipping its new AT-2 compact bookshelf loudspeakers with revolutionary H-PAS™ bass technology. News for CES 2012

Transformative Engineering has introduced the world’s first HDMI Conditioner/Splitter to resolve HDMI component and cable interface issues.

Atlantic Technology Strengthens Marketing and Accelerates Product Development in Anticipation of New H-PAS Products.

Atlantic Technology Upgrades its Seven-Channel Soundbar with Improved Aesthetics, Acoustics, and Electrics

Atlantic Technology's H-PAS™ PowerBar 235 is the First Soundbar that Doesn't Need a Subwoofer News for CEDIA Expo

Transformative Engineering has first HDBase-T HDMI Extender with simultaneous ARC & HEC News for CEDIA Expo

Parasound debuts new Zphono•USB preamplifier; A-D converter translates vinyl LPs into digital audio for your Mac or PC via USB.

Transformative Engineering Selects Gordon Sell Public Relations

Parasound redesignes its 5-x-250W NewClassic amplifier for enthusiasts who want to add high-end sound performance to a mid-line surround receiver.

Atlantic Technology introduces its WA-50 Wireless Audio System to eliminate long runs of RCA cable for powered subwooers and remote zones.

Parasound is now shipping its much-anticipated John Curl designed Halo JC 3 Phono Preamplifier

Atlantic Technology to Demonstrate H-PAS Bass Technology in Small Bookshelf Speaker at CEDIA Expo

Parasound has introduced new versions of its popular C-Series in-ceiling loudspeakers for custom installers.

Parasound Upgrades its Classic Halo JC 2 Preamp with Added Home Theater Bypass

Atlantic Technology Selected as a Loudspeaker Vendor by Nationwide Marketing Group

Atlantic Technology Debuts and Delivers the World's First 7-channel Sound Bar for Home Theater

Atlantic Technology and Solus/Clements introduce revolutionary H-PAS bass technology

Atlantic Technology ships new retro-fit in-wall subwoofer

Atlantic Technolog debuts new home theater speaker systems and box subwoofer lineup

Atlantic Technology debuts new surround speaker ideal for height channel applications

Atlantic Technology introduces its first StreamNet-enabled in-wall speakers for NetStreams whole-house protocol, with major sonic benefits

Atlantic Technology teams with Onkyo to win Best Audio Demo Experience Award at EHX -- again.

Atlantic Technology to develop IP-ready loudspeakers for NetStreams’ StreamNet whole house protocol

Parasound Delivers Halo P 7 Stereo/Multichannel Analog Preamplifier

Parasound inks distribution deal with AVAD

Atlantic Technology hires Lawrence Davis as Vice President of Sales

Atlantic Technology introduces two in-wall surround speakers, with and without THX Ultra certification

Atlantic Technology launches flagship THX Ultra2 in-wall speaker

Atlantic Technology ships new THX Ultra certified in-wall subwoofer